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Advantages of Autism Friendly Screening Nights

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Movie night is for everyone. In some cinemas such as Odyssey Cinema MK-94, special screenings are available. If you’re looking for such offer, you better not skip the Odyssey. People with the disability find it hard to handle situations as what we experience every day. Yes, they can adapt to change as well but it would take some time for them to have fun in some areas. Of course, movies should not keep those people from enjoying. That’s why cinemas offering such screening must never be taken for granted.

In reality, not every person knows how to handle people with special needs. By then, it leads the parents to autistic child find a company to attend special needs. With the autism-friendly screening available in some cinemas, it’s a good idea to join the crowd. No, not the kind of crowd where the hallway sounds nothing else but loud voices. The crowd you’ll see and watch the movie together will make sure your kid will have a good time.

Customized Accommodation Package

Sometimes, cinema owners are willing to go for a mile to cater their clients’ needs. With options to choose, standard-based features are also available on the show. Individuals with special needs can have customized accommodation to keep things running smooth. To learn about the accommodations involved, here is the list to look out for:

  • Dimmed lights, not totally dark
  • Shortened run time
  • Volunteer staff
  • Break times with activities
  • Adjusted sound levels
  • Watchers can bring their own foods

The mentioned factors may not be offered in all participating cinemas. Sometimes, management adds more package. If not all, most of the accommodations can be expected as you step inside their premises. But, there’s no assurance that every cinema allows special screening. Before you attempt on buying a ticket, try to ask from the customer care service about that matter.

Is it Exclusive?

Technically speaking, it is. But, it is not completely exclusive for people with special needs only. In most cases, a companion is needed. Well, adults can also be there on their own. In short, depending on the vacancy of a person’s schedule, anyone is welcome to join the show. Some people who go there don’t come with a person with autism. Others just want to watch the movies and be with individuals with special needs. In your case, it is important to ask directly from the ticketing office of the protocol. Some limitations and scope may be given. To avoid canceled plans, it is important to reserve a seat ahead of time. Don’t wait for the area to be full. There are just cinemas which are strict in implementing rules. On which note, it should not surprise you when it would no longer another buyer of the ticket. Controlling the crowd number is one of the important lists they follow. To avoid getting into trouble with the management, you must understand their point of view as well. Don’t leave your loved ones alone in the cinema. Some circumstance may be too difficult to look at on the big screen.

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