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Build an Effective Vlogging Setup at Your Budget

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Do you wish to become a Vlogger? Do wish to create your very own video blog from scratch?

Here, we have compiled a brief guide to help you find out the best equipment you need to create compelling content that swoons your audiences.

How to Vlog?

A Vlog stands for a video blog or a blog where most of the content in a video form. The process of Vlogging isn’t as simple as it seems. In order to be successful, one must know the tricks of the trade and have the right equipment to build a base of audience.

Vlogging Equipment You Need:

Having the right equipment can help you take your videos to an altogether next level. However, if you are just starting out or dealing with a small budget, you can opt for filming gear on rent. It is an amazing way to transiently fortify your videography gear and accessories. There a plethora of camera rentals in Chicago that offer superior vlogging equipment to help you kick start your career at an affordable cost.

Vlogging Camera:

Go for a camera that records in at least 1080p HD. If you wish to records highly professional videos, opt for camera which can record in 4K.

Other features to look for in a camera include:

  1. Ports for headphones and microphones.
  2. Fully-articulating LCD screen and the ability to connect to a monitor.
  3. Adequate video clip length, minimum 30-minutes.
  4. Comes with a wide array of lenses to choose from.

Most of the camera rentals in Chicago have a broad selection of digital cameras available at extremely cost-effective rents.

Microphones for Vlogging:

Having a microphone is very important as it helps to eliminate all background noise. You can easily find a camera-mounted shotgun microphone in the market to fit your budget. If you do not want to park your funds into buying a mic, you can also consider renting it out.

Microphones that come with built-in cameras are suitable for small, closed spaces. You can use them for filming regular videos. But they are not very powerful in picking up clear sound from a distance. Therefore, if you want to create a travel or exercise vlog, consider using a supercardiod shotgun mic.

Vlogging Tripods:

Vlogging tripods differ from normal photography tripods. For creating vlogs, you need tripods which have a head and feature a certain degree of control. This is important for filming even movements. If you are looking for more professional videos, a slider might be required. Similarly, if you intend to film an action-based video, you might require a Steadicam or gimbals.

Vlog Lighting:

Besides camera and audio gear, lighting is one of the most significant considerations as it greatly impacts your image quality. There are three types of lights that can help to enhance the professional nature of your videos, namely key light, fill light and back light. You can purchase these lights from the market or procure them from a reputed camera rental in Chicago.

To rent out your videography equipment, you can check out Eleven04, a renowned Chicago-based film equipment rental. It offers an extensive variety of professional quality cameras, audio gear, lighting and other accessories at highly lucrative prices.

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