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How to Use Memes for Social Media Marketing?

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A picture is worth a thousand words. At least, that is the premise of the meme. Memes communicate emotion on a deeper level, connecting entire groups of today’s youthwith pictures that share cultural messages and deeper emotions. Many memes spread like wildfire once they go viral, especially on social media. They are a great way to connect with today’s youth, who would rather share a meme of a popular character and their reaction when they have to buy dissertation online than an advertisement for a website. The younger crowds are among the heaviest users on social media, so it would make sense that companies trying to reach them appeal to their culture—the culture of the meme.

Start by Understanding What is Current

Memes communicate a cultural message to the masses. However, like the culture of today’s society, the popularity of a meme rapidly changes. The memes that go viral usually do so over the period of a few days. Within a few months, they may have been forgotten completely. While there are some classics that remain timeless, for the most part, you should find a way to create memes with what is current.

Pop culture topics, leading news, funny or relatable images, and even political topics can become memes. Some tell a deeper story and send a message, while many rely on humor and relatability. The laughing cat pictured above, for example, might be used to send a humorous but relatable message. Before you start churning out memes on your social media page, be sure you know what your audience wants. A great place to start is checking out the feeds of your followers—find out what is most interesting to them this week.

You should note, however, that it is acceptable sometimes to turn to old classics. In the next section, you’ll see an example of how Pepe the Frog, a meme that has been around for a decade now, can be used on social media to send a message.

How to Use Memes for Social Media Marketing: An Example

For example, one iconic meme is Pepe the Frog, who has been around since 2008. The frog originated with its ‘Feel Good Man’ slogan, but eventually evolved into other versions like Angry Pepe, ‘Feel Bad Man’, and more.

Pepe the Frog ‘Feel Bad Man’

A site offering thesis help might appeal to their audience by creating a meme featuring the ‘Feel Bad Man’ Pepe and say something like, “When you’re missing out on the party of the semester”. Below, they may use the ‘Feel Good Man’ Pepe and write something like, “When you realize you can use thesis editing services and get to the party after all”. Nothing else needs to be said—the cultural character behind the meme expresses emotion and speaks for itself.

Create Original Content

Usually, the social media sites that are churning out meme after meme see their quality slip. It is not enough to type some words across whatever photo is trending this week—you have to understand the message the audience is sending. There are plenty of examples of bad memes out there, but these are usually created by companies who simply do not understand the premise of the meme.

When you do create a high-quality, relatable, and original meme for your social media page, the number of shares will increase drastically. This spreads information about your company, as well as the message you are trying to send.

Don’t Rely on Memes Alone

Even though a quality meme can increase the views on your social media page, it is not enough to just produce memes. Memes should always be used alongside other quality content, from articles posted that prove your authority in your niche to videos and images that give viewers an inside look at what you have to offer.

Different social media marketing channels

Using memes should always be one part of a much larger marketing strategy, especially for companies that are trying to appeal to a larger audience than just adolescents and young adults.

Be Sure Your Memes Send a Clear Brand Message

Even though memes are often funny and relatable, the memes you create should be relatable to your page. If you are a college, for example, you don’t want to create memes about partying all the time if you do not want to be established as a party school. Even though using humor can be helpful, find a way to use humor that does not reflect poorly on social media.

Know About Hidden Meanings Behind Memes

There are many topics in the news that are sensitive for some people. For example, one of the most recent memes was one featuring Colin Kaepernick in an ad by Nike. His message is not one that all people agree with, as it is politically charged. Unless you are know the meaning behind a meme and agree with the message it is sending, you should not use it for marketing. Keep in mind that the meme might be an ‘inside joke’ and do your research beforehand if you want to avoid isolating part of your market.

While a good meme has the ability to spread like wildfire, it is not enough to put some words on a picture. By creating high-quality memes that spread your brand message and using them as part of a bigger marketing strategy, you can create a social media marketing strategy that works.

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