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Are you looking for online piano lesson than visit here. On this online platform you will find a numbers of piano learning tricks and instant help to get started on the online piano learning. You can start with piano theory and can develop your skill up to improvisational level and much more you can get once you complete your whole course of piano learning.

Best way to build foundation

On this site you can start for free and can build your basics right and after sometimes you can check your result will change dramatically. To make you a perfect piano player we have step by step courses, live lessons, and some specialist piano player to train you as per your requirements.  We have an exclusive offer for our regular members where they can get access to all our features in very organized and structured way. We also have powerful teacher and student community where you can interact with them and can ask any question related to your course of piano learning.


General lessons in focus

Once you join our exclusive membership we provide you with step by step lessons which will help you in getting better result and quick learning. Now we will give you some brief overview of lessons.

  1. Inversions of chord- In this context we will learn about what is chord inversion? It is basically a C triad note. It is combination of C, E and G. It’s all arrangement is also known as root inversion. Basically here we will learn use of C triad and what happens when it is moved up and down.
  2. Chord progression- it is pattern of series of chords which is kept together to form a progression series. It is basically framed on piano scale basis, so whenever a song is played with any key it produces a flat sound. For example if F is word on piano scale then it becomes major scale and always produces flat sound.
  3. Ear training- this is one of the interesting lesson in which you will learn about playing by ear. Our experts will provide you every possible tips and tricks to train you from basics to advance. It is very much creative part of piano learning. Once you get all the knowledge about chord you will be able to understand what actually ear training is about.


Online learning is becoming very popular no-a-days so it is not wrong to be an online piano learner.  It not only save your money and time but it will also give you opportunity to grab your interest knowledge to a deep level and come out with great positive minds. Learning piano is not easy but after learning it can change you as person.

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