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Top Five Hacks to Win Escape Games

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Escape room refers to a number of physical games that present the players with riddles and puzzles to complete an objective, which is to escape. Inside the room, there will be hints or clues and it is up to the team to formulate strategies. There is a time limit to unveil hidden objects inside the room.

This is an exciting and unique experience. It gives you the opportunity to collaborate with ten or more people – some people you know, some are strangers. Regardless of your teammates, it is imperative that you cooperate and listen. If you are new to this, here are the top ten hacks to win escape games rhodes:

Hack #1: remember that it is just a game
Winning is important but not to the point of not enjoying it. If it is your first time, do not feel pressure when you hear other players see “we almost won” or “we were on the right track but we ran out of time”. Enjoy the game and observe the pacing and dynamic. You can use this experience as your baseline for the coming ones.

Hack # 2: when you find clues, stick to it
There is no such thing as a perfect team. There will always be people who will doubt and discourage you. When this happens, you have to convince yourself that you are on the right track. If you solve a puzzle and it leads you to another one, you are on to something so do not let other people talk you out of it.

Top Five Hacks to Win Escape Games

Hack # 3: do not panic
Escape games have a time limit – approximately 60 minutes. You can check the remaining time by using the available wall clock. Sometimes when people check the clock and realized that it will be over soon, they tend to panic. If you panic, you will not think straight. You might miss important clues. The best thing to do is to keep on working until the time is finished. You never know the answer will reveal itself few seconds before the time is up.

Hack # 4: write down the clues
Sometimes writing is better than your mental stores. It is crucial that you remember you took the clue and how you connected it to another. Writing is helpful in the sense that it can reveal how things are linked.

Hack # 5: keep moving
First few minutes, you need to pause and observe the room. Examine every detail and look for clues. After finding clues, keep moving until time has run out. Do not stop even if you think that it is futile. Do not waste time by just standing in the corner without even helping other team members.

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