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Building Blocks in Musical Way to Create Exciting Music

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A key way to create music is through Building Blocks with various parts. These come together to create a form of great music. To have a great composition, a musical note is a basic entity to produce melody and harmony. It doesn’t matter how much you know about music, the basic foundation is explained in this article to learn and shine in the music industry. Try out your missing pieces of interest in music and realize the way to stimulate your interest in playing music.

Do you know about music theory?

Music theory is a study similar to graduation; it’s a special music language with a set of levels and guidelines. When you know about the musical notes to play, make several practices to create new music by using the notes in different ways to express emotions. Music is not only a sound, but it’s also considered a language to communicate with the power of music theory. Music theory helps produce different sounds by enhancing creativity and developing a new sense of music. Learning about music theory is challenging, but once you have learned it, you will definitely achieve the rewarding skill in music.

The basic methods behind the music

Type of scales, key signature, and elements of music are the best things to learn about music and steps to create great music. A scale is also named as pitches to reading and writing music, there are seven notes, and the 7th tone is the natural scale to deliver music completely. The seventh note is the leading tone to create music with three steps; the sound of 7th music will be the leading tone using the following scales.

  • Tonic – first and last note will be in a stable state
  • Supertonic – Second note
  • Mediant – Third note
  • Subdominant – fourth note
  • The dominant – fifth note
  • Submediant – sixth note

The Major Scale of the seventh tone

The major scale is a pattern of whole steps and half steps in music; they are used in half steps between the third and fourth note with utmost seven and eight degrees of music. The scale consists of seven pitches in different ranges. You can construct your music tone using the music tone guide in different steps.

The Minor natural Scale

It consists of seven different degrees; it exists as whole steps in between the second and third note of music on the natural scale. The Melodic minor scale has a different scale variation, the patterns of the sixth and seventh notes will be raised as climbs and descend on the scale. Harmonic Minor scale is half step in all music notes except the seventh note.

Pentatonic scale

Penta in the numerical identification is the number of five elements for reading and writing music in the language of musical notes; scales in music are equidistant in all steps. Non-diatonic scales in music and the pentatonic scale that creates blues inflection in the music by creating an alternative tone scale in the third and seventh note of music on the major music scale. The whole tone of diatonic music will comprise of every step in the pattern.

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