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If it’s old fashioned incentive travel you’re after then you’re spoiled for choice in Barcelona

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World Experience creates unique interactions from large multinational corporations and innovative start-ups for each customer and their staff and circumstances. They are devoting an enormous amount of effort to identify the consumer, plan and execute a personalized service effectively-from total corporate event planning and team building, opportunities to specific customized events. As specialists in the region, they look for the best tools in Barcelona to create successful, meaningful and transformational experiences, which go beyond expectations and leave a special memory in the minds of the participants.

You can find the ideal venue for any kind of event. They have a wide range of unique places in Barcelona and Catalonia, which will delight your customers: galleries, parks, convention centers, supermarkets, cafes, and business centers. Barcelona is a fantastic business venue for corporate conferences and incentives: outstanding hotels, a luxurious and intelligent hotel with top-quality conference facilities are available in the city and ancient valleys, rivers and hills and excellent wine-growing facilities can be found just outside Corporate events in Barcelona.

corporate events in Barcelona

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona has every element to render this experience unforgettable for all the correct reasons. This leaves it no coins to claim that Barça is a favorite destination for companies seeking to host corporate events and opportunities. Simple travel from El Prat international airport to most of the British and European cities, year-round good climate, a nice choice of four-star and five-star hotels (including many more accessible accommodation choices.

City Escape:

Travel back in time to solve exciting mysteries and decode your team leads within a certain time. You’ll find historical characters, which challenge you to break an intriguing riddle, in the Santa Maria del Pi bell tower. Once solved, the Born Cultural Center and later the Boquería Market continues its adventure. Participants will identify indications and solve puzzles in these areas to gain freedom and to “escape the city.” The plot is made in the Middle Ages and guided by a personalized map and roadbook. The last challenge lies in the castle of Montjuic, which will be brought together by cable car to celebrate the victory.

Corporate events in Barcelona Parties & Picnics:

Barcelona provides the expertise and guidance necessary to distinguish your event. Their full range of catering services includes personalized menus, placement, and event design. You will also handle all leases, bed linen, plans for housing, employees, art, decorations, plants, presents and other information you may have or order. The whole of Barcelona event planning and coordination can also be facilitated. They would enable you to plan and conceptualize the case and then to ensure that it is executed properly.

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