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Learn AboutNipseyHussle’s greatest album Victory Lap

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NipseyHussle was a famous American rapper, who emerged from West Coast hip hop in the mid 2000s. Hussle stylized his name as Nipsey Hu$$le, following the trend of the hip hop industry, although his real name was Ermias Joseph Asgherdom. Hussle released his individual mixtape, Slauson Boy Volume 1 which was successful enough to lead him to sign Cinematic Music Group and Epic Records. He got very popular for his numerous mixtape which included, Bullets Ain’t Got No Name, The Marathon series, and Crenshaw. NipseyHussle’s Victory Lap came out in 2018 which received great acclaim and made him quite successful, as it was also nominated for best rap album at 61st Grammys in 2019. If you want nipsey hussle victory lap download you can look out for it on internet.

NipseyHussle was shot dead outside his own store, on March 31st, 2019 in Los Angeles, by a 29-year-old man Eric Holder who was later arrested.You can click for info about detailed discussion on NipseyHussle.Hussle was also a community activist and entrepreneur, he started his own store by the name of “Marathon Clothing”.

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Critical reception received by Victory Lap

  • Victory Lap is the only full-length studio album which was his only commercial release in his whole of the lifetime, although he earlier released different mixtapes.
  • The album became a hit, and it hiked to number 4 on the Billboard 200, it also received a nomination for Best Rap Album in 61st
  • Victory Lap received great critical acclamation various critics made comments like “effortlessly claims his place as crown prince of G-funk new school”, “the most gripping record in his catalog” and many more.

Commercial Success

Victory Lap was not only critically acclaimed but also was a fan favorite, it topped to number 4 on the billboard, earning 30,000 traditional record sales on the first week of release, making it Hussle’s first album to reach the top 10 chart.

Tracks included in Victory Lap

  • “Victory Lap”
  • Rap Niggas”
  • Last Time That I Checc’d”
  • Young Nigga”
  • Dedication”
  • “Blue Laces 2”
  • Hussle and Motivation
  • “Status Symbol 3”
  • Succa Proof
  • Key 2 the City 2
  • Grinding All My Life
  • Million While You Young
  • Loaded Bases
  • “Real Big”

The overall length of the albums was 56 minutes and 21.NipseyHussle was raised in the Crenshaw district, and crime and murder rates were getting higher. Nipsey was raised in the environment which was surrounded by such people, many of his peers were dead, in prison or in the influence of drugs or any other criminal activity. Therefore Napsey made Victory lap in order to inspire such youngsters as he believed that being surrounded in such an environment and not getting influenced by any wrongs is a Victory in itself.

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