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The Team Behind Creating a TV Show

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If you watch television with any regularity, you probably have one or two or twelve shows you like. No matter your favorite program, whether it’s a sitcom or drama, network, music videos, action film, or cable or streaming, it relies on a team of individuals who play important roles before filming can begin.

Pre-production is the most important time for any director because it is the where we go through a “process of discovery.” Here is an overview of what is expected of a director during pre-production. Please keep in mind that all these pre-production activities will vary in time and importance depending on whether you are shooting a film or TV. Video Production is an amazing and creative endeavor. It can also be a lot of rewarding fun when you are working with the right group of people.

This article briefly explains the 4 factors in the pre-production stage of the video production process so you can be prepared and know what to expect once you have committed to creating a video production. Pre-production is the first stage once a concept has been greenlit.  Here are some of the main folks who make it happen.

Executive Producer

An executive producer such as Heather Parry usually manages several aspects of a show. They may be responsible for managing budget and schedule, or they may participate in the day-to-day activities, including show running, hiring, writing and casting. They might also be the head of a production company.

TV Show

Casting Director

A casting director selects the actors that will portray the roles for a particular script or screenplay. They work with executive producers and often serve as a liaison between the creative talent and the heads of a studio or network. Because the actors in the main roles can dictate how a film is received, the casting director serves a crucial role.

Costume Designer

The costume designer decides how the actors appear, by determining the outfits that will be worn. They are responsible for determining how costumes will be constructed or procured. A costume designer is very influential on the look of a TV show.

Television Director

A television director oversees the activities for making a production. They typically have a high level of creative control, but their main duty is executing a producer or showrunner’s vision. A director influences the creative style of a program. This role’s duties vary depending on the type of production, whether it’s a sitcom, drama, documentary or live presentation.

Before shooting can start on your favorite TV program, there are many people who help make it happen. Before your favorite actors can bring a script to life, the pre-production process must be completed. These are just a sample of the crew members whose experience and talents are leveraged to bring us the shows we know and love.

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