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Using SoundCloud in the Best Possible Way

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SoundCloud is one very popular and top network for the musicians who can promote their talent on internet through digital marketing. SoundCloud allows musicians to upload not just music but also messages and audio podcasts and more. The website is made in such a way that it is very user friendly and encourage the users to explore and share their tracks.  People who do not know about this platform or have never heard about it. Then to let them know, SoundCloud is the music streaming network that allows the musicians to distribute the tracks. Suppose you are serious about music and want to explore it, then Soundcloud can be the best platform for you. There’re a lot of advantages of using real SoundCloud plays, and I have given some of them below.

real SoundCloud plays

  • Users have an option to upload the existing audio file and recording this immediately.
  • The website is very user friendly and application is simple to use.
  • Allows users to get exposure through sharing of the audio files.
  • There are some options for sharing audio messages and music publicly –and embedding them in the social networks, websites and blogs and privately with your friends.
  • Offers the “timed comment” system; and fans will discuss the specific parts of the track easily & give feedback.
  • There are not any limitation to the file sizes.
  • You may stream submissions in DropBox without much space on the desktop.
  • Embed the DropBox onto any website where you would like to get submissions.
  • Allows everybody, and people who aren’t on SoundCloud, share the tracks with you.
  • Every track has got its page all along with the unique URL address.
  • Users may repost the tracks making sharing the flexible procedure.
  • SoundCloud enables you to manage the tracks and organize them in sets.
  • Mobile apps allow for the spontaneous recording & uploading from the smartphone (Android and iPhone)
  • SoundCloud has a lot of groups dedicated to different genres and topics.

Anybody can make use of real SoundCloud plays for free. This free account gives 120 mins of the digital audio. But, some users, depending on the use, might want to upgrade the accounts. “Lite” account comes for just 29 Euros per year and offers more audio time and customized players for promoting the music. For professional people and companies, upgrade to “Pro-Plus” account also is offered. At an end of a day, listeners and fans, want to listen to the music that really moves them. So, how you want to move such content is on you. No matter whether you are old fashioned or prefer sharing links, or you are innovative about your audio content, ensure you use the technology in the best possible way.

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