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Original thinking and great imagination are necessary in creative careers. A career in the creative field usually goes beyond traditional business hours. A lot of dedication is usually required in creative jobs. Creative professionals are often self-employed. They have a more flexible schedule than most working people.

Interior designer

An interior designer gets around $59,000 in a year. Part of his or her job is working on the plans of homes, commercial, and industrial spaces. It is crucial for interior designers to consider the preference of the client. The functionality of a space, budget, and aesthetics are key factors as well. An interior designer usually works with computer programs and sketches.

Advertising manager

This position pays around $50,000. The primary duties of an advertising manager include creating campaigns. These are usually for the promotion of products and services. He or she reviews and approves creative materials for advertisements. These are for web, print, radio, and television. The final product is often placed in appropriate media categories. An advertising manager also tracks and monitors the campaign results.

Marketing manager

Developing marketing plans and strategies is the primary duty of this position. It is vital for marketing managers to achieve company goals. They create a demand for a company’s services or products. They establish policies and identify target markets. Monitoring campaigns is an effective way to ensure success. Marketing managers also work with advertising and promotional teams.

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An illustrator usually earns around $25 per hour. Part of the job is to illustrate books, create marketing materials, and make drawings. Some are for scientific or medical books and magazines. An illustrator usually creates artwork accompanying books, magazines, and other publications.


The national average salary for this position is around $51,000 per year. A copywriter can work for agencies in the marketing and advertising industry. Some work for a specific business. A copywriter applies marketing principles. He or she composes a copy that comes with visual elements in ads, videos, and other marketing content.

Tattoo artist

A tattoo artist has a national average salary of around $52,000 per year. Sketching and inking permanent images onto the skin is part of this job. Most tattoo artists have a license. This is not surprising because their work is permanent and involves blood.

Makeup artist

This position involves transforming faces in a creative way. A makeup artist helps people to have their best look or fit a specific role. Clients include actors, public figures, politicians, and regular citizens. It is vital for a makeup artist to know how to use color to highlight and enhance features, skin tones, and looks.

A bachelor’s degree is usually needed for most positions in the creative field. It can be in communications, marketing, journalism, or design, depending on the career.

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