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How To Not Bust The Bank On A Wedding Band?

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Getting married? Congratulations!

Worried about how will you buy that perfect wedding band, without busting your bank balance? Don’t worry!

You can still get married happily without spending a bomb on the wedding band. Here’s how.

First of all, you have to be well planned to have a balanced expenditure for all the wedding arrangements. The highlight of any wedding is the exchange of wedding rings. And sure, everyone wants to present the most beautiful band to their partners. But to have that moment of happiness you must not break the bank.

How to Not Bust the Bank on A Wedding Band?

  • Stipulate the Budget – You must decide upon a rigid budget. You should know that you cannot go ahead with the maximum price that you’ve decided. Spend according to the comfort of your pocket. Don’t get carried away by the bling of the jewelry shop, think about what you can afford. Also, don’t purchase a wedding band Brighton, pre-assuming that the guests would gossip about it. Your partner is going to love you and the ring anyway, and that’s what matters. Just go easy on yourself while finalizing a budget and also make sure that it is not a flexible affair when you are buying it.
  • 4 C’s of Diamond – Educate yourself about these 4 C’s before buying one. In order of its importance, the 4 C’s are as follows:-




Carat weight

The cut of a diamond is the gem cutter’s precision and craft. It’s the creation of cuts and shaping that allows a diamond to shine to the fullest. Light reflects on a diamond depending on its cuts. This aspect is the most crucial in terms of beauty. The price of a diamond varies based on its cutting style.

A diamond is as beautiful as colorless. Colour is the second most critical aspect of a diamond. Sometimes there is whiteness or yellowness in the crystals. This cannot be witnessed with naked eyes.

Clarity is the absence of blemishes and inclusions. It shows that the diamond has no flaws in it.

Carat is considered to be the weight of a diamond. The more the carat, the more the price of the diamond. But, the weight of a diamond is not as important as the other factors mentioned above. Hence, it is the least important.

  • Find the Right Shop – Compare prices among different shops and choose a renowned jeweler who offers a guarantee of genuineness. Check if they accept payment in various options like partly cash, credit cards, EMI options, etc. so that it suits your budget.

Keep all the 4 C’s in mind while you shop. The price increases as much as each ‘C’ inclines towards perfection norms. To avoid becoming bankrupt you must follow these financial guidelines and tips on choosing the right band, to buy your dream wedding band Brighton. So, educate yourself first and then buy the wedding band.


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