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Photo Booths Singapore: What They Are & Why Do You Need Them

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Photo booths are essential in events like marriage ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, corporate events, etcetera. They can be rented for any such event. But before we understand the features of a photo booth, let us look at what a photo booth is and what an online search with the words ‘photo booth singapore’ can lead you to.

What Is A Photo Booth?

A photo booth or a photo booth rental is a portable booth that captures your photos while you engage in some activity in front of a background. These are found in most weddings, engagements, and other such functions where many people gather. There are generally two types of photo booths – passport photo booths and photo sticker booths. They can be both self-served and hosted, enclosed and exposed.


A photo booth can be useful on these occasions because of the features it brings. Some of its best features are –

  • A photo booth is extremely easy to set up before the event, use during the event and pack up after the event, making it essential in ceremonies like weddings and engagements.
  • Some photo booths come equipped with an LCD screen that allows you to look at yourself before a picture is taken. This makes it a must-have feature if you plan to share the images on different social media platforms.
  • Many props, from superhero capes to magic wands, generally come with the photo booth, which can be used to click pictures.
  • They also come with different backdrops or green screens, ensuring that one can get their pictures clicked in front of different backdrops, all with a different flavor.
  • Photo booths start developing a photo just after it has been clicked, ensuring that people can instantly get a copy of their images. They can also be mailed to the clients in digital copies, which makes sharing them on social media much more convenient.

Locating a photo booth is not at all a mammoth task. Not only are these widely available everywhere, but they are generally affordable to rent as well. If you are looking for a photo booth rental specifically in Singapore, a simple online search is saying ‘photo booth Singapore’ will lead you to different options. Some of the best of these in Singapore are Instant. Sg, Mirror Me, Aww Snap, Unique Booth, PicABooth Studio, etcetera. All these photo booths come with many features and are well-reviewed by the clients.

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