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What Are the Different Types of Pianos That Exist Today?

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How much do you know about the piano? These amazing musical instruments date all the way back to 1709, when it was invented in Padua, Italy.

Since then, pianos have become more and more popular, leading to many different types of pianos.

If you’re interested in buying a piano, or are just curious, you might be wondering just how many piano types are out there. To find out more, keep reading to learn more about a few of the most common piano types!

Grand Piano

What’s the best piano? That depends on who you ask, but many musicians consider the grand piano to be the most beautiful.

However, it’s also one of the most expensive piano types, as each one is handcrafted and carefully created by talented piano artisans.

They’re ideal for live performances and for composing music, as they have a gorgeous, elegant sound. If you’re lucky enough to own a grand piano, be sure to play it as often as you can!

Within the family of grand pianos, there are actually seven different classifications, which vary based on size.


The upright piano is more common than the grand—in fact, it’s the most common piano type. They take up less space because their strings are vertical, so they can fit in corners or smaller spaces.

While the upright piano is still expensive, it’s often much more affordable than a grand. So, if you’re learning piano, it can be a good choice.

Of course, playing the piano isn’t something you can learn from YouTube videos! You’ll want to take lessons through an experienced school, like the Sloan School of Music.


If you’re on a tight budget and/or have limited space in your home, consider the electronic piano. Yes, a digital sound is always going to be slightly different than a traditional piano, but it’s still lovely.

Many people prefer to buy one for their children, since they’re small and lower in cost. That way, if your child loses interest in playing over time, you’re not stuck with an expensive piano that will sit around and collect dust.

Or, for very young kids, consider a toy plastic piano for them to start with.

An electronic piano is slightly different from a keyboard, which can usually synthesize many more tunes and sounds.

With So Many Types of Pianos, Which Is Right for You?

Did you know there were so many types of pianos? Here’s the thing—the above is only a partial list!

If you’re thinking of purchasing a piano, it can help to visit a specialty shop. There, a piano expert can walk you through which options are best for your budget and skill level.

You’re sure to love the beautiful melodies that come from having your own piano!

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