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Why Murder Mystery Party for Teens is an Excellent Idea

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When you decide to have fun and hang out with friends, you often think about what to do next. Over time, it seems like everything was done and you have no more ideas. The reality is that you haven’t explored even 10% of your options. There are so many ideas for partying.

If you’re a teenager, the whole life is in front of you. Partying is just beginning. When you’re young you need to be responsible for the things you do. You can’t lose it with your friends and end up in a hospital or the police station. You need to party responsibly. See more about teens and their interests here.

Murder mystery games are an excellent choice for all parties that involve teenagers. If you’re a parent letting your kids organize one, or you’re a teenager who wants to get the trust of your parents and still have fun, this is an excellent idea. Throwing this kind of party is a great choice.

In this article, we’re talking about what are the main reasons why a teenage murder mystery party is an excellent choice. Read on if you want to learn more about why this is great, and what the main benefits of having one are.

1. Keeps everything under control

The worst thing about teenage parties is that they always tend to lose control. Children have a lot of energy and they are ready to do things that are forbidden when adults are not around. They won’t do anything on purpose, but will simply have no control over their actions as consequences are still not perfectly understood by them.

Having a murder mystery game will keep everyone under control. Yes, they will be a little too loud compared to adults, but it will still keep the music under control, going wild and eventually hurting themselves or someone else in the party.

The teens will argue, debate, inspect, and try to find the killer in the mystery game which will keep them busy for hours. If you don’t want to lose control over the situation, find an amazingly fun mystery game and let them explore through it.

2. Helps children bond

The scenario in all mystery games is made in a way for people to explore. The detective work is a priority in these parties which means that everyone will have to communicate and bond with each other. They will all need to ask each other questions, accuse, defend, and form connections that last even after the game.

If some of the kids have affections toward another one but has no idea how to start a conversation, this is a great opportunity to break the ice. In the best murder mystery party for teens, the participants will not only have fun locating the murderer but will form relationships that last through the years.

Today’s teens have a great problem in making new friends. If your family moved to another city, it’s really hard for kids to make new friends. This might be a great way to change this. Invite some of the neighbors, and let them bring over other friends. This will spark things up.

3. Is a lot of fun

Although teenagers love to throw wild parties, it’s worth knowing that the age range of these persons is from 13 to 19. That means different obligations, responsibilities, and definitely different interests.

One thing is common for everyone – they do want to have fun. However, fun is different for everyone. Someone might love one thing and others will love another. Find friends that will love to indulge in something like this. Those who like the idea will enjoy the endless conversations and inspecting others.

It can last for hours, which means hours of going through other people’s personalities and enjoying seeing how someone handles the situation. Through the game, you can learn a lot about a person, so this is also something that shouldn’t be ignored.

4. Helps everyone use their brains

One of the things that are the most important when throwing this kind of party is the chance for these teenagers to let their imagination thrive and activate their brain to think about finding a solution. These things are crucial for getting along life in later years as an adult.

Research shows that those kids who indulge in these kinds of activities earlier in life become more successful later on. That’s why it’s crucial to have often parties like these in which kids will force themselves into thinking hard about what the solution is.

Without thorough research, they won’t find who the killer is. Winning in this game can be achieved only through activating their brain. If they don’t they won’t be winners, and we all know that all people, including teenagers, love winning. See here why developing the brain is crucial: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5973814/.

5. Motivates teens to explore their future options

These parties might be the first time when they face detective work. It’s a noble job to be a detective and locating criminals. Being part of the police force is a great opportunity and future. Some kids who will truly enjoy playing this game will surely consider getting an education on how to be better detectives.

Thinking thoroughly will help these teens consider their options for the future. They’ll think about what they love doing and what their profession might be. If they really enjoy looking for the murderer, then they have a bright future as detectives.


As you can see, the murder mystery party for teenagers may be a great idea. If you know how to do it and where to find an excellent kit with props, be sure that those involved in it will have a lot of fun.

Go through the internet and download or order the best party kit. Find one that will be the most suitable for your opportunity. Ask around what theme will make the most enjoyment and order that one. If you set everything up right, everyone will be thrilled.

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