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Why Your Choice of Gift Ribbon Matters and How to Select the Best One

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Americans spend a stunning $7 billion on wrapping paper every year.

Obviously, it’s important to us that our presents look beautiful and festive when presented to the recipient. If you feel this way, then you probably have a solid supply of gift ribbon, too.

Whether you go satin or velvet or somewhere in between, your gift ribbon finishes your gift-wrapping job with style and polish. All you have to do is choose the perfect one to go with your wrapping job.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Start Somewhere

Before you can pick the perfect ribbon, you have to select your wrapping paper. Or, maybe you have a great bow in mind, and that’s where you want to start.

Either way, you have to start somewhere. Figure out which paper you’re going to use and use that to narrow down your search for a coordinating ribbon. You can do the same if you have a special swatch or bow in mind.

2. Create a Coordinating Stack

Once you choose your foundational print or color, use it to pull the rest of your gift-wrapping supplies. You’ll definitely need paper and a ribbon. You might also select a topper and a gift tag to go with it, too.

Lay everything out to make sure it coordinates before putting everything together.

3. Learn to Tie a Beautiful Bow

Whether you have a present to wrap or you’re preparing for an impending holiday, you’ll need how to wrap a ribbon yourself.

With satin ribbon tapes — visit Armoteks to find some — you can go simple if you want. A classic bow, like the kind you tie with your shoelaces, will look fancy and polished when made from fabric.

You should also master the art of curling ribbon. These colorful strands are made of crimped polypropylene, which is designed to curl up when you run it along the edge of scissors or a knife. Mastering this move can help you build bouncy, fun ribbons at the center of any gift.

4. Keep Everything in Proportion

Finally, make sure your ribbon or bow suits the box onto which you’ll affix it.

Let’s say you’re wrapping up a piece of jewelry. You don’t want the entire box top to be covered in ribbon fabric.

Meanwhile, you don’t want a thin, tiny bow to bedeck a clothes box, either. You can probably eyeball it, but be critical with your project. If the bow looks too small or too large, then adjust before handing over the gift.

Gift Ribbon Completes the Job

The reason all of the above is so important? We think a gift ribbon makes any wrapped present look complete.

And now, with these steps in mind, you can easily create something special. Just coordinate your materials, learn to tie them and keep things proportional. In the end, you’ll have an eye-catching parcel to present to someone you love.

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