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8 Easy Piano Chords for Beginners

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Are you looking to take up a new hobby? If you’re a music enthusiast looking for a challenge, consider learning the piano.

Many musicians claim that the piano is one of the hardest instruments to master. However, it is also the easiest to learn in the beginning. Once you’ve got the octaves and keys down, you can start learning chords.

Chords are the most fundamental component of any melody, apart from the note. You create chords by playing multiple notes together. If you’re a beginner, we have three easy piano chords to give you a headstart on your lessons.

Here are some tips on how to learn piano. Now, tickle those ivories and try out these eight simple piano chords.

Major Chords

In general, piano chords are three notes stacked on top of each other. You may often encounter major and minor chords, but how do you distinguish them?

The most important part of a major chord is the distance between each note. This is also known as the interval. Before we get into it, we’ll explain the concept of half-steps.

Half steps are keys that are directly beside each other on the scale. This applies to both white and black keys.

So, the space between a C key and the C# next to it counts as one half-step. The B key and C key of the next octave also count as one half-step.

A major chord should have 4 half-steps between the first and second notes. The first note is also known as the root note, while the second is also known as the major third. The fifth, which is the last note, is 3 half-steps above the major third.

Minor Chords

A minor chord consists of 3 half-steps between the root note and the minor third. The distance between the minor third and the fifth is 4 half-steps. This is the opposite of how we make a major chord.

Now that you know the basic concept of chords let’s get into some easy piano chords for beginners. The left hand plays the chord in most songs while the right hand plays the melody. Practice the following with your left hand to get into the groove of playing chords.

Start by placing your pinky on the root note. Then, place your middle finger on the second note. Complete the chord by placing your thumb on the last note.

  1. C Major: Pinky on C, Middle finger on E, Thumb on G
  2. C minor: Pinky on C, Middle finger on D#, Thumb on G
  3. D Major: Pinky on D, Middle finger on F#, Thumb on A
  4. D minor: Pinky on D, Middle finger on F, Thumb on A
  5. E Major: Pinky on E, Middle finger on G#,  Thumb on B
  6. A minor: Pinky on A, Middle finger on C, Thumb on E
  7. F Major: Pinky on F, Middle finger on A, Thumb on C
  8. B minor: Pinky on B, Middle finger on D, Thumb on F#

The great thing about these common piano chords is that you can use them to create any song. If you want more advanced lessons, learn from Music Advisor.

Easy Piano Chords to Try at Home

Now you know eight easy piano chords to recreate your favorite songs at home. Learning the piano is easy at first, so don’t forget to keep practicing.

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