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Three Types of Cosmetic Product Packaging

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If you are looking for the perfect cosmetic product packaging, good for you. 72% of American consumers state that the packaging of a product has an impact on whether or not they’ll purchase a product.

So, how should you package cosmetic products to ensure that you make the most sales? There are a few different ways to do so. Let’s take a look at three of the biggest and best ways to package your cosmetic product labels.

1. Jars

Jars are one of the first major types of cosmetic packaging options. Many cosmetic products manufacturers offer jars in various sizes so that companies can fill them with different amounts of products.

For example, bigger jars are perfect for creams and lotions, whereas smaller jars are great for perfumes and liquid products. The size of the jar that you choose will depend on what type of product you’re selling.

In general, thicker products are best for sale in jars. Hair creams, hair gels, and skincare products are most commonly sold in these types of containers.

2. Bottles

Another common packaging type for cosmetic products is bottles. Bottles are ideal for liquid products, especially if you want to make them easy to dispense.

With bottles, you can attach a pump or a sprayer to the bottle. That way, you make it easy for customers to dispense the products and start using your cosmetic products.

Bottles are also great for goods that you want to sell higher volumes of. Bottles are typically larger than jars, making them great for products that come in a high volume.

Some examples of products you can sell in bottles include soaps, lotions, shampoos, and hair products. Since there are tons of different shapes and sizes of bottles you can order, it’s easy to package any kind of cosmetic product.

3. Tubes

Another great type of packaging for your cosmetics products is tubes. Tubes are ideal for products that buyers will want to have more control over.

Tubes tend to be especially useful for skin and face products. That’s because you can more easily control how much of the product you dispense at a time, ensuring you don’t get too much at once.

If you’re looking for a great manufacturer of tubes, you can check out this site: bpilabs.com/our-capabilities/formulation-manufacturing-and-services/. They offer a wide array of squeezable tubes that work well for all kinds of cosmetics.

The most common cosmetics packaged in tubes include lotions, creams, hair cream, and liquid makeup. Liquid makeup includes foundation, concealer, and BB creams.

Master Your Cosmetic Product Packaging

No matter which of these cosmetic product packaging options you choose, you’ll have no problem making a sale. Each of these cosmetic product packages attracts your customers’ eyes and encourages them to buy!

Did you find this article on cosmetic product packaging helpful? Be sure to check out our other tips, tricks, and guides for other useful insights!

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