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What Are the Different Types of Recruiters That Exist Today?

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Did you know that about 13.3 million United States citizens are unemployed? Are you amongst this statistic?

Many say that being out of work is a job in and of itself. Looking for work, applying, filling out resumes, setting up interviews, rejections. It all feels very stressful when you just need something positive to come through.

Have you ever thought of going through a recruiter to take some of the pressure off? Before you seek a recruiter out, it’s important to be aware of the different types of recruiters out there. Read our guide below to get a closer look.


Working for an employment agency, a headhunter recruits qualified individuals for a range of different employment opportunities. A headhunter will seek out these people via job boards and social media such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Ziprecruiter.

They will guide you on all the career options you have at your disposal.


An executive recruiter will seek to find management positions for high-level executives. These types of recruiters will also find and recruit employees for leadership roles.


You won’t have to look far for the best recruiter for the job here. An internal recruiter works in the HR department of a company or organization.

They will hire staff from within and perform various other HR responsibilities and duties.


An IT (Information Technology) recruiter will assist someone seeking out employment in a slew of technology positions. If your expertise is with programming, then these types of recruiters are your best option.

Whether you need full-time, temporary, or project-based work, seek out an IT recruiter to get you hired ASAP.


The recruitment industry covers legal positions as well. These types of recruiters will assist qualified candidates to fill positions such as attorneys, paralegals, and stenographers.

A legal recruiter will hone in on one or a multitude of legal specialties, law firms, and corporate legal departments. The majority of positions will be in categories such as partner, counsel, or associate but may offer employment for advertisement or administrative tasks.


Pharmaceutical recruiters specialize in filling pharmacy positions. These positions include pharmacists, pharmaceutical sales representatives, and pharmacy technicians.

What Types of Recruiters Will You Use Next?

If you happen to find yourself unemployed, between jobs or looking for opportunities elsewhere, a recruiter is what you need. As you can see there is a slew of different types of recruiters available. When going through a recruiter, you want to make sure your resume and cover letter are up to date (they can help with this too).

The good news is, you are never alone in the process. You will feel that much more confident about the new position that awaits you by going through a recruiter.

For much more insight on employment and the job market, be sure to browse our blog. You’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for.

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