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Why Is Data Security So Important?

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Recovering from a data breach can take as long as 70 days and 75% of businesses say a data breach has caused material disruption to business processes.

A data breach is never a good thing for a business, but there are ways to prevent data breaches before they happen. With the right data security in place, you’ll lessen your company’s risk.

Why is data security so important to every industry? Keep reading to find out.

The Importance of Data Security

Data security is critical for public and private sector organizations for legal and moral reasons. Companies must protect their customer’s data from getting into the wrong hands.

If a business has lackluster data protection, there is a risk of a data breach or hack. When businesses don’t take data security tips seriously, they’ll lose customers and damage their reputation.

Data Security Types

There are different ways for a company to protect business data. Companies will use one or more of the following types of data security:

Access Controls

Access controls limit digital and physical access to critical systems and data. All computers and devices are protected with login entries. Physical spaces are only accessible to authorized personnel.


Authentication works similarly to access control as users must be identified before gaining access to data. Authentication might come in the form of PINs, passwords, swipe cards, security tokens, or biometrics.

Recovery and Backups

Information security involves having a good system in place that allows a business to securely access data after a disaster, breach, system failure, or data corruption.

Backup data should always get stored and copied in a different format to recover if needed. The most popular format is the cloud, but a local network or a physical disk are options as well.

Data Erasure

On a regular basis, a company needs to dispose of data properly. When a business no longer needs certain data, it needs to get destroyed.

A top erasure company can ensure that this happens. Data erasure is a method that uses software to overwrite data on storage devices, a more secure way of data wiping.

A business will receive verification that the data is not able to recover and won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Data Encryption

With a data encryption computer algorithm, text characters are transformed into an unreadable format with encryption keys. Authorized users with the proper keys can unlock and access the data.

Email communications, files, and databases should be encrypted to some extent.

Does Your Business Need Data Security?

Every business, no matter how large or small, must have effective data security plans and processes in place. Businesses cannot afford to have company data and customer data fall into the wrong hands.

A simple data breach can be detrimental to your business. Not only will you lose customers, but you will also get a bad rap in the industry. Without data security, it’s possible to lose your business entirely.

Use these methods for data security to protect your company and keep coming back for more business advice like this.

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