What are the Unique Features of the Sennheiser HD 400 pro?

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A gamer or normal person wants to have a good earphone or headphones because it will improve the overall experience of gaming. With a similar experience, we have a sennheiser hd 400 pro that can be one of the popular choices of headphones in the market for wired headphones. The design of these headphones is unique or different from its previous version and also has an extra cable inside the box due to which the cost is increased from previous versions. In this article, we will explore its uniqueness related to design, comfort, and how it has better performance than others.

Unique Design of Headphones

People get attracted to different headphones because of their unique design and how they look after wearing. The logo of these headphones should be located on the one side of the ear cups which is painted in black. Even the watermark is present on the top of the headband which is also colored in black and now it is bigger than the previous series. Rest all features are similar to other versions as it has a pair of ear cups that have enough space so that you can wear it even with the large ears. The back of the ear cups has soft foam along with the headband and it is colored black as well.


Comfort Level

One of the major reasons people prefer these HD 400 pro headphones is because of their comfort level. There is some unwanted clamping force while wearing the headphones but it will never become uncomfortable when we wear it. It will keep the headphones secure even if you move your head too much while playing games or listening to music. The ear pads used in these headphones are sufficiently large. The materials used in these headphones are soft and will be responsible for providing comfort to your ears.

Performance of Headphones

Headphones need to be well-tuned before we use them because they may not work properly when someone purchases them. The sound from this headphone will feel so natural and precise that you will never feel like you are listening to sound from two sides of the headphone but it will feel like it is an original sound that was recorded in the past. The bass system of these headphones is incredibly natural and precise, which is one of the good extensions into the lower registers. The mid-range of these headphones is more glorious due to which vocals have a great sense of transparency and intimacy.