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League of Legends – Things You Probably Didn’t Know

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League of Legends is a huge game with a huge community of active players who devote most of their time to becoming the best player in the online fanbase of the game. LoL has also been a steady money-making device for developer Riot Games, with its presence in eSports making it one of the highest grossing multiplayer online battle arena games in the world.

The basic premise of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s nexus – a protected structure in the enemy base. Being free-to-play, League of Legends has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, with elite clubs like the l9 league of legends consisting of some of the best players rising up the ranks in the community.

Even if you are a hardcore LoL player, here are some facts about the game that you may not know. Without further ado, let’s jump right into them.

  • The Name

League of Legends was originally named League of Legends: Clash of Fates, before settling for the final name. As you could guess, the first name was too long winded and Riot Games rightly decided to drop some part of it for brevity.

  • Sound effects

Meticulous planning went into designing the sound effects to make each champions stand out. Every champion in League of Legends has its own unique sound effects that make them stand out. You could probably recall the champion Katarina from the sound of her flying daggers. When creating Zac’s squishy bouncy sounds, the team actually used a condom filled with dog food that was slapped on a wall!

  • Developer signature

Malphite is an awesome looking tank champion. Some players consider Malphite their favorite champion to play with. If you look closely, when using the “Ground Slam” attack, the fist imprinted on the ground is actually Riot Games’ logo!

  • Teemo is homage to an emoticon

The name Teemo is an anagram of emote. If you look at his smile, which is rather terrifying to the average gamer, you will notice that it is eerily similar to an emoticon.

  • League of Legends as a career

The game became so popular that it gave rise to elite clubs like the l9 league of legends. It also persuaded people to take up playing the game as a full-time activity. In fact, a teenager named George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis, dropped out of college to pursue a professional career in League of Legends and has made a good name for himself among the gaming community.

  • Very profitable to play

The main reason why some players are drawn to play LoL is because League of Legends is the 2nd most profitable game to play competitively in eSports history. More than $20 million have been given away as prize money since the game’s release!

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