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No Offense, I Was Only Kidding: Time To Deal with Insult

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Here is the good way of insulting someone. With some clever insults you may insult somebody without them knowing what to replay. Remember that not everyone can think they’re funny. Some might get angry or upset, thus make sure who you’re insulting it in a right way. Though you do not have any control on what people think and do, you will have the complete power on your reactions when you understand your feelings and be focused. Keep in mind insults can affect you, but will not enter your mind or generate some reactions till you let them. You’re an only person who has control over your thoughts or behaviors.

How to rightly deal with the insults?

Insults generally affect people in a lot of different ways and can trigger the series of feelings and emotions. Thus, every individual deals with the offensive situation in a different way. You need to maintain your cool. Just ignore it and walk away.  Laugh it out. Run away. Scream. Cry. Take it. You can click here to find the good insults.

There’s no right and wrong here. In a way person reacts to any insult generally depends on an event, person, environment, and stakes involved. If you are assertive and stay in control, it is simple to understand their feelings, evaluate the consequences and situation, and remove them from such situations and to deal calmly. Alternatively, people who’re resentful and reactive generally refrain from the emotions and lose their logic in resolving this situation.  Even though there’re not any simple methods, here are some practical tips on reacting to such situation, just click here to find the good insults:

Make your eye contact & pause instantly

Say “stop” assertively. Face your insulter without losing your eye power. Remember your strength scares your insulter away and this will make him feel as a coward.

Take complete charge of such situation

Don’t allow your insulter to take charge of you and manipulate your feelings. Keep in mind, when you respond you are allowing the insulter to emotionally control you – and it is exactly is the target of an insult.


Take a breath and repeat: “I wanted to get it straight. Did I hear [repeat the insult]?” And you look at your insulter straight on their face to wait for their answer. Always remember, insulter will seriously back down and will never be able to face you when you challenge him.

Keep communication minimal

Ensure your communication is easy and up to the point. Never give more weapons to your insulter. Keep in mind, insulters will not acknowledge the mistake in writing. If possible, make use of emails and other ways of communication.

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